Thrown Weapons Info

Thrown Weapons

Marshal in Charge: Forester Gailen Alric Ros

The Thrown Weapons range is located on the east side of the Battlefield, near the fort. So that all thrower from all kingdoms can participate, we will be using the Society Thrown Weapon rules rather than the Middle, East or Æthelmearc


As long as the range and safety rules are followed, everyone over the age of 5 will be allowed to throw. Youth of less than 12 years of age will need to bring a parent or guardian with them to the range. The parent or guardian will have to stay with the youth while they are at the range.

For youth 12 and over the parent or guardian must accompany them and sign a consent form which will be kept as a record all War.

Special youth classes and tournaments will be held during War please check the schedule for times and dates.

Marshals and teaching

Marshals are needed to run both ranges so we can be open the majority of War. Help with the Marshals in Training is always welcome come share the knowledge you have gained over the years. The Middle and the East are planning on having marshal classes during the War- please check with the MIC on the range to see if your kingdom is participating in MiT classes.

The marshals are always willing to teach new people to throw. There is a small “Teaching” range available for teaching and classes only. If a contest is in progress, this range can be used to teach beginners.

Known World Thrown Weapons Marshals Meetings

This is a meeting of all thrown weapons marshals who are at Pennsic. The open meeting will go over range rules, schedule of events and any other topic we might need to discuss. The Closing Meeting includes putting our head together for improvements or innovations for next year’s Pennsic. All marshals are asked to please stay for break down and clean up of the range.

Opening Meeting: Saturday, July 27: 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Closing Meeting: Friday, August 2: 1:00pm to 2:30pm

The Range

The range can be open if a minimum of 2 adults, one being a marshal , are present on the range. There is a flag system to show the range status. A green flag signifies that the range is open. If no flag is flying during normal open hours it is due to weather or terrain condition make the range unsafe to be open.

We will be setting up the range starting Monday July 22: if you are available your assistance will be greatly appreciated. The old adage “Many hands make light work.” is very important with range setup. The more help we have the fast the range goes into position and we can open up for throwing.

Range Hours

Wednesday, July 24 – Thursday, August 1 9 AM to 6PM
Friday August 2 range will be taken down after meetings


Classes meet on the Thrown Weapons Range and in the Thrown Weapons Tent. For a description of the classes see the Pennsic University schedules.

In Service to the Kingdoms,
Forester Gailen Alric Ros
Marshal in Charge Pennsic War XLII