Info Point

Information Point is located in front of the camp store in the Town Hall tent (which is also host to the Town Criers and Disability Services).  We can help you find just about anything from a particular group’s campsite to the local weather forecast to the location of your favorite merchants to services available both on and off site. We also have telephone books, Pennsic schedule changes, and the answers to your questions on all things Pennsic.

The emergency Pennsic telephone: 724-368-8741, is located at Information Point. This number is only turned on during the War, and there is only one line, so please tell friends and family at home to call only in emergencies.  They must leave your full real name, your SCA name, and (if possible) the name of the group with which you are camping.

We can only attempt to deliver a message to your camp in the event of an emergency. If we take a non-emergency message for you we will post your name on the message board out front, which means that you’ll only get non-emergency messages if you happen to check for them. If you have reason to believe that anyone might need to reach you for non-emergency reasons, we suggest that you call them rather than having them call you on the emergency number.

Info Point will be open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily, starting Sunday, July 21st.