Heralds’ Point

Heralds’ Point offers name and armory consultation for any interested gentles. We are located behind Children’s Activities, near the bathhouse, Information Point, and the Cooper Store. Please come find us if you’d like some help with a name, device, badge, household name… just about any kind of book heraldry thing.

With your input, we research your name and armory and check that it’s not in conflict with anyone else. That evening, we fill out the forms and draw your armory. You come back the next day to approve them and pay for your submission. For kingdoms that accept submissions from Pennsic, we then ship everything to your kingdom’s submissions herald for normal submissions processing.

You just pay your normal kingdom submissions fee plus $1 for copying/marker costs if your kingdom accepts submissions from the War and you submit through us. If you take the submissions forms with you, you pay us $1 for copying/marker costs, then arrange to pay your kingdom directly for the submission.

If you need help with a branch submission, several submissions, a complicated, or a culturally specific submission, please come to the Point as early in the War as you can and make an appointment. This lets us get you the best help we can provide.

Mistress Juliana de Luna
Heralds Point coordinator


Volunteers of all kinds are always needed! We have several opportunities for volunteers, some of which require no prior experience or heraldic experience, such as greeters, artists, and colorers. For the detail-oriented, we are happy to train on our internal processes and administrative work. Come by any time we’re open to volunteer for these needs!

As always, we need heralds who can consult on names or armory. We have many books and other resources (including senior heralds you can learn from!).


Pennsic University has a track for heraldic classes. Please see the University schedule for available classes, dates, and times./p>

Special Events

We cordially invite everyone to join us at these Special Events at Heralds Point:

Known World Heralds Party, Sun., 7/28, 7:00 – 10:00 pm

Come by Heralds’ Point to socialize and meet fellow heralds from around the KnownWorld! We will have light refreshments. Heraldic games are likely … be prepared to demonstrate heraldic postures or other amusements.

Laurel Road Show, Mon., 7/29, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Pelican Queen of Arms will preside over a live decision meeting! Listen and participate as commenters from the SCA College of Arms discuss name submissions and Juliana Pelican makes decisions on them! No heraldic experience necessary.

Fees and Consulting Hours

For kingdoms that accept submissions from Pennsic, the fee for us to fill out forms, draw any armory, make copies and color them, and ship them to your kingdom submissions herald is your normal kingdom submissions fee plus $1.

For kingdoms that do not accept submissions from Pennsic, the fee for us to fill out forms, draw any armory, and make copies and color them is $1.

Heralds’ Point opens for consultation starting on the Wednesday of Peace Week. Please note: the signup list for consultation closes one hour before the Point closes.