Period Games

Come visit the Games Tent to learn or play a variety of board, dice, and card games.  We have a large selection of games, scheduled classes, and staff to help explain

We’re located in the Pennsic University block, next to the Dance Tent, facing Chandler’s Way.

We’ll be open from Friday, July 26th through Thursday, August 1st – from about 10AM until 6PM.  Classes will be held at 10, 1, and 3.  At other times there will be open gaming.

The last day of classes (Thursday, Aug 1st) will be dedicated to Go and other simple “board and stone” games.
We are planning for a game devoted to Chess games – please contact the Games Tent staff if you’re interested in helping with it.

If you would like to help with running the Games Tent, teaching classes, or have ideas for improving things; please contact Xavier before Pennsic, or visit the tent during the war.

You can also join our mailing list!