Middle Eastern Arts

Ahlan and Welcome to the Middle Eastern classes for Pennsic 42!

The great artisans of our community bring you many exciting daytime classes and evening entertainments.

This year we will again offer “Middle Eastern Arts After Dark” Series, a grouping of Music, Dance and Guedra entertainments after 8 pm!

Explore our many offerings this year. As always, we remind all of our students to please bring along water, notepad and writing implements to classes and haflas. Portable chairs are always a good idea for our musicians. Towels and ground pads for Yoga and stretching are also advisable.

Middle Eastern Dance

The Artful Dancers of the Middle Eastern and Indian arts invite you to explore a world of fluid movement, sensual gestures and thrilling performance techniques. Please bring your water and towel to classes.

Show off your newly learned skills at our “Middle Eastern Arts After Dark” series of entertainment! All are welcome to come experience the music and atmosphere.

Class Listings and Locations

Middle Eastern classes will be included in the overall Pennsic University class schedule. and some performances will be listed in the Performing Arts Schedule.

Middle Eastern classes are held in the Pennsic University area (see map) and several other locations:

The Middle-Eastern Tent is located on the Great Middle Highway just across from Runestone Park. It is at the end of the row of merchants’ tents, next to the Pennsic Independent. (see map)

Along Battle Road there are a few hospitable merchants who open their store areas to music classes.

These classes are coordinated between the teachers and the merchants, and are listed in the Pennsic Book if the teachers submitted their class registrations in time.

I am sure that you will find your time in class fun and educational, and your time in our new evening entertainments exciting, fulfilling and thrilling.

I am looking forward to enjoying the offerings we have this year. I thank all who are giving of their time and talent to entertain and teach, and also thank those who come out to learn and share. Please come out and be part of this amazing cultural happening that we have to offer!

Lady Luned “Lunaria” Gwyn
Middle Eastern Arts Coordinator