Arts & Sciences Display

The Known World Arts & Sciences Display

Sunday, July 28th, in the Great Hall, 11 am to 4 pm

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This is the 17th annual display of the talents & knowledge of the Known World’s Artisans and Craftspeople.

NEW this year is an area for the Performing Arts.  The main Performing Arts Stage will be available from 1pm to 5pm.

Performers of ANY type of performing arts may sign up in 10 minute segments – a group for a 15 minute segment, and if there is time, for more than 1 rotation.  Tables will be available in the Performing Arts Tent to display any documentation (optional) from performers throughout the afternoon.

This is not meant to be a competition, and it is not always finished items.  Some are works in progress, and some are just representations of what someone knows and does.   We have had people discussing how they researched and put on a feast, or something far too large to bring to Pennsic.   Often, you will see something you might want to start investigating, or find someone who has more knowledge in a field you are already interested in.  Other people are exhibiting to find people who know more than they do, and to make contacts in a given field.

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.  It lets me print out nice large signs for everyone, and assign table space to the different Kingdoms.

If you have any special requirements of space, please contact me.

  • Space is divided by Kingdom, thus allowing the Royalty, Peers, and Populace to see the efforts of their Craftspeople more easily.
  • Set-up begins at 10 am, and we end at 4 pm.  Everyone must have their objects/displays out by 4:30 pm., when I hope you will help me take down all the tables and return the Great Hall to its empty state.
  • Only tables will be provided, although some are picnic tables. Please bring your own chair, displays (even tables).
  • There is a limit of 8 sq ft a person (not per item), which works out to 4 ft width, and 2 ft deep.
  • You are not required to be there, and if all you can do is a part of the day, we still thank you for sharing your knowledge. However, please have someone to watch your items when you cannot be there.  We cannot watch all the items, and cannot take responsibility for them.

Thank you!  I think I have the best job at Pennsic, as I get to see all of your hard work and talents.   Every year I go home energized with things I would like to do.   Being able to organize this for you is such a joy.

Mistress Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh
A&S Display Coordinator

Register for the Arts & Sciences Display here!