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Welcome to Artisans Row!

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If you find yourself walking by Artisans Row and see something that catches your eye, don’t be surprised -­‐ well, at least not for long! Do come inside. Please feel free to ask “What are you doing? Can I try that too?” or “Will you show me how to do that?” It will be our pleasure to show off the many talents that make Artisans Row one of the most popular stops at Pennsic.

Artisans Row at Pennsic is a place where scholars and artists and dabblers can demonstrate and share ‐ usually hands on ‐ their particular skill, knowledge and talent. It’s a gathering place for well-­established artisans from across all the Known World, as well as those just beginning their artistic exploration of our Society, to meet each other, form friendships, network, share ideas, and encourage each other to find their next level, as well as collaborate on joint projects.

The Row is comprised of three tents in the Pennsic University area. If you can find the banners celebrating the Arts and Sciences, you have found the Pennsic University area. Our three tents, Artisans Row Tents A, B and C, are dedicated each day to hosting a different topic presented by volunteers who have a thorough grounding in their favorite subject and who are willing and eager to introduce it to any and all who may pass by. During the days you may find woodworkers in one tent, exquisite artistry in oils in another, while a third tent will have fascinating demonstrations on different areas of medieval life. And the best part is – it changes every day to keep you coming back!

We return this year with some of our most popular sessions from years past ‐ leatherwork, paternosters, metal working, woven narrowwares, as well as glass bead making. We are also excited to offer pewter casting, pottery, woodworking, embroidery, book arts (including papermaking!), cheese making, Animals of the Medieval World, enameling, knitting, musicians introducing their instruments to everyone, commedia, and fiber arts, just to whet your appetite!

Come and join us and revel in all that Artisans Row has to offer!

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