Pennsic History

Pennsic War History

The origin of the Pennsic Wars: when Cariadoc of the Bow was King of the Middle, he thought it would be entertaining to have a war between the East and Middle Kingdoms. He sent a declaration of war to the East in A.S. 5, but nothing ever came of it. By A.S. 7, Cariadoc had moved and become King of the East, whereupon he found the old declaration of war and promptly accepted. The Midrealm army defeated the Easterners, making Cariadoc (as the joke goes) the first king in history to declare war on himself and lose.

The name “Pennsic War” was created as a combination of “Punic Wars” and “Pennsylvania”. The Punic Wars were a series of three wars fought between Rome and the Phoenician city of Carthage.