Future Dates

Dates of Future Pennsic Wars

Pennsic Wars start at the end of July, and run for 17 days. The end date is the second full weekend in August.

Opening day of Pennsic may be as early as July 24 or as late as July 30. (Note: prior to 2007, Pennsic War used to begin and end one week later than it now does.)

For your planning convenience, the first table below lists the dates of future Pennsics through Pennsic 50.

The second table lists all possible starting and ending dates for Pennsic.

Modern SCA # Troll
Event Site
2012 47 PW 41 27-Jul 10-Aug 12-Aug
2013 48 PW 42 19-Jul * 2-Aug 4-Aug
* STARTS AND ENDS ONE WEEK EARLIER THAN USUAL due to another event at the campground
2014 49 PW 43 25-Jul 8-Aug 10-Aug
2015 50 PW 44 24-Jul 7-Aug 9-Aug
2016 51 PW 45 29-Jul 12-Aug 14-Aug
2017 52 PW 46 28-Jul 11-Aug 13-Aug
2018 53 PW 47 27-Jul 10-Aug 12-Aug
2019 54 PW 48 26-Jul 9-Aug 11-Aug
2020 55 PW 49 24-Jul 7-Aug 9-Aug
2021 56 PW 50 30-Jul 13-Aug 15-Aug

Start date (Friday) End date (Sunday) Year type
24-Jul 9-Aug 1 (earliest that Pennsic can start)
25-Jul 10-Aug 2
26-Jul 11-Aug 3
27-Jul 12-Aug 4
28-Jul 13-Aug 5
29-Jul 14-Aug 6
30-Jul 15-Aug 7 (latest that Pennsic can start)